Chris Wenger

Guitar + Ukulele

Your adventure in Guitar Land begins the moment you see Chris’ engaging smile. His approach will have you using the guitar any way you see fit, but be forewarned, his energy is contagious! He’ll sing and play along with you, and has a way of willing people to play anything from scorching leads to classical, or singing and strumming “Take Me Out To the Ballpark.” 

Whether your axe of choice is guitar (steel, nylon, or electric) or the uniquely portable and fun ukulele, Chris Wenger (just say "Winger") will make sure to get you on board. 

Chris holds a Masters degree in Classical Guitar from Chico State, is well versed in jazz, rock, pop, and bluegrass guitar, and studied studied vocal styles such as opera, musical theater, jazz and pop. He is an instructor at Butte College & Simpson College.